We provide information for patients and families who want to learn more about hospice, end of life care, as well as offer numerous clinical and government resources

Grief Resources

Responsive image Support Someone Who is Grieving

A brief guide for caregivers to understand the physical and emotional symptoms their loved ones may experience at the end of life. Appropriate comfort measures are also suggested in this guide.

There is No Right or Wrong Way to Grieve After a Loss

This brochure describes how people react to and experience grief.

Grief Resources for Children

When a Child Dies

This brochure describes the things you can do to support the child’s family.

Helping Children Cope with the Death of a Loved One

This brochure describes some simple steps you can do to help a child in this very difficult time.

Community Resources

Tidewater Hospice Support Groups

Tidewater provides regular bereavement support groups for our patients’ families, or can help family members find a local bereavement support group. Contact info@TidewaterHospice.com or call 843.757.9388 to learn more about support sessions

Additional Resources

We have provided a collection of articles and scholarly journals that may prove helpful in better understanding hospice care and how it relates to end-of-life care options. We hope that you find this information useful.

Registering Concerns or Complaints

Our goal is to provide you and your loved one with the highest quality of care. If you have a concern or complaint about patient safety and/or quality of care provided by Tidewater Hospice, you may contact us at:

  • Tidewater Hospice Representative: 855.784.0254
  • The Joint Commission: 800.994.6610
  • South Carolina DHEC Division of Health Licensing: 800.922.6735