Patient and Family Volunteers
As vital members of the Tidewater Hospice patient care team, Patient and Family Volunteers provide companionship, support and assistance to patients residing at home, in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals.

Administrative Volunteers
Providing office and clerical support services for departments and teams throughout the organization, Administrative Volunteers assist by greeting visitors, preparing information and support materials for mailings, answering phones, entering data, helping with printing and duplication services, filing records and documents, and making phone calls.

Licensed Massage Therapy Volunteers
Our volunteer licensed massage therapists provide gentle, compassionate touch to our patients, helping them to relax and decreasing their pain, stress and anxiety. Patient/family and advanced palliative care trainings required.

Music Therapy Volunteers
Whether you can play an instrument, sing a song or just share a love of all types of music, then we would love to have you volunteer with us.

Birthday Ambassadors
Our Birthday Ambassadors provide treats (cupcakes, cakes, pastries) to help our patients celebrate momentous occasions.

An Extra Errand or Two
Do you have a few extra minutes to stop at the library or just pick up an extra book while you are there.  Our patients greatly benefit from our volunteers who can run an errand or two.